Owner Builder Cost Estimates

Owner Builder Cost Estimates

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Owner Builder Cost Estimates

  • Are you an Owner Builder?

  • Are you planning to build as an Owner Builder?

  • Do you know what the total cost of your project will be?

  • Are you prepared for any hidden or unexpected costs?

  • How much does it cost to be an Owner Builder?

  • How much can you save by building your own house?

  • Can I save money by building my own house?

If you're planning a project as an owner builder then well done! Building something yourself can be a rewarding and life changing experience. The trouble is that many owner builders are emotionally attached to their specific project and tend to look at things through rose coloured glasses. Being an owner builder can also end up being very costly, not only to your hip pocket but also to your family through the daily stress of having your life turned upside down. If you start a project without a fully costed estimate, then you risk the project going over budget and running out of money.

See where all that money is going before you start work. Highlight areas where you can save money. Once the estimate is completed it can then be used to 'shop' around to various suppliers and subcontractors.

We have data base of price lists from all over the country, meaning we can help you source products and sub-contractors and make sure that they are competitive. Our goal is to ensure your project gets completed with as little stress as possible.

By using Estimating Australia to prepare a fully costed project estimate before work commences, owner builders can ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of the build.

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