What is a Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)? - Construction Tendering - Estimating Australia

What is a Bill of Quantity

What is a Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)? - Construction Tendering - Estimating Australia

What does BOQ stand for?
BOQ stands for Bill of Quantities.

What is a Bill of Quantities?
A Bill of Quantities or BOQ is a document used for tendering in the construction industry. It contains a list of materials or supplies in which the cost for all parts or rates for combined materials and labour and their costs are itemized.

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When do I need a Bill of Quantities?
When ever you are embarking on a building project, regardless of the size, it must be fully documented. To fail to plan is setting a project up for failure. This includes the total cost of the project for all materials and labour, as well as a contingency for unexpected cost overruns. As a builder, you also need to ensure you are making a profit.

Who prepares a Bill of Quantities?
A Quantity Surveyor usually prepares a Bill of Quantities. A Quantity Surveyor has usually had a university education specializing in the construction industry.

What is the difference between a "Bill of Quantity" and "Bill of Materials"
These two items are very similar. A "Bill of Quantity" usually contains a list of material with a combined labour and materials rate or dollar value. Whereas a Bill of Materials is a list of each individual material item required in order to complete the whole project or process.
For example, a Bill of Quantity will list an internal door as a single dollar value, and Bill of Material will list each individual item required in order to build or assemble a complete internal door.

How are Bill of Quantities prepared?
Usually, a skilled Quantity Surveyor or Experienced Estimator, uses specialised computer software to measure various aspects of the construction plans. Once these are measured, material and labour items can be complied, usually into sequenced folders, that relate to the total bill or estimate.

I need a Bill of Quantities.
The team at Estimating Australia are qualified quantity surveyors with expertise in preparing building estimates. The primary difference is EXPERIENCE. Most quantity surveyors have a university education but no real-world experience. All of our construction cost estimators have HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE, in the building industry.

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